Eco Line

Specialised in the production of cutting-edge technology for waste management, dedicated in particular to the optimisation of organic waste.
A complete line of machines and plants for appropriate waste management via environment-friendly recycling and composting processes.

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A complete line of Bio-Choppers-Mixers, designed to perform the most demanding chopping and mixing operations of green and biological waste, sludge and biomass.
Due to their particular construction characteristics, these machines provide a balanced breakdown and chopping action, also of woody materials, making the resulting product suitable for composting.
Dependability, high performance and safety are the characteristics that make these machines essential for all composting operations and areas for treatment of the organic fraction.

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A complete line of self-propelled turning machines, particularly suitable for turning organic material during composting, for clean-up of contaminated land and for stabilisation of manure:
Developed to high design levels and in compliance with top construction standards, these machines meet a wide range of biomass turning needs, ensuring high performance at all times.
Due to their special configuration they provide easy rapid chopping of long fibres and breakdown of clods or blocks of material for perfect mixing and rapid oxygenation of the whole mass, an essential condition for obtaining quality compost.

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The SEPARATOR Series selection screens, with their accurate design and robust dependable construction, offer high performance in terms of both efficiency and work quality.
Ideal for screening a range of materials including compost, solid and organic waste, and woody residues, they are particularly suitable for use in composting systems and in waste treatment areas both in the pre-processing phase and in final refinement of the product, and they offer a professional solution for all firms in the sector. These machines feature the latest construction technology and are extremely simple and dependable in terms of both use and maintenance .

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